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Conference Paper
Orefice P, Paura L, Scarpiello A.  2009.  Inter-Vehicle Communication QoS Management for Disaster Recovery. 20th Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications - a CNIT Conference.
Caviglione L, Berruti L, Davoli F, Massei G, Polizzi M, Vignola S, Zappatore S.  2007.  Joining virtual mmersive environments and instrumentation Grids for distance learning. FIP WG 3.6, 3.4 and 3.8, Joint Working Conference on Information Technology for Education and Training (iTET 2007).
Cinotti M, Orefice P, Paura L, Scarpiello A.  2010.  Performance Analysis of a QoS Management Architecture for an Emergency Scenario. The 6th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference.
Del_Re E, Orefice P, Ronga L, Scarpiello A, Suffritti R.  2009.  QoS Management in Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Network for Distance Learning. Fifteenth KA and BROADBAND COMMUNICATIONS, NAVIGATION and EARTH OBSERVATION CONFERENCE.
Massei G, Scarpiello A, Vollono A.  2005.  The VIL (Virtual Immersive Learning) Test-Bed: an innovative approach to distance learning. Tyrrhenian International Workshop on Digital Communications.
Journal Article